Osynliga Teatern
2013 - 2019



Lonely Hearts Club︎
I was here︎




We all start as strangers︎
Det levda baklänges︎
Det meningsfulla livet︎


Hidden Echology︎
Radio, Ballet and the transparent shadow︎
Dear Stranger︎


I shall not be entirely forgotten︎

Osynliga Teatern was a performing arts company founded in 2013 by Jens Nielsen and Tomas Rajnai. Their work can be described as performance installations where they invite the audience to participate and observe. They strive to create an intimacy and shared vulnerability between the work and the visitor.

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Everything that happened, what happens now, and what will come after.

Our collaboration began as small experiments during our time at the university of Dramatiska Institutet (Stockholm University of The Arts) 2010-2013. During our thesis we launched Osynliga Teatern as a place to experiment in the borderland between radio, performing arts and site-specific art. Our goal was to embody documentary stories and invite the audience to not only witness but also participate and thus gain a view of themselves in relation to the story.

In an effort to get away from the exalted individual, Osynliga Teatern became our home, a place where we have been able to support each other for years and struggled to create a place where we feel safe to both develop and survive in. We have been able to work with stories and approaches that we believe have been important to experience at the moment. We have been able to follow our own agenda thanks to our constructed home.

The projects we have created have taken us to different festivals, scenes and places we never thought we would be invited to. We have met people we will remember for life.

The pressure around our funding situation has always been there since we have not easily been placed in a specific genre, and it has always been a struggle to justify experimentation as a long-term artistic practice.

In the middle of this, a new path was opened for us. After constantly producing for 7 years, we had a moment to reflect on what we have actually done and in what way we want to continue in the future, there was suddenly a change in the horizon.

In March 2019, a request came from Linn Hilda Lamberg (Former Poste-Restante) to form a new company together, which we felt was an exciting challenge and in January 2020 we started our joint work with the new company which we named O.

The plans ahead are exciting, to be merged means not only a broader network but also two artistic approaches that meet and thereby the opportunities to produce larger and more complex projects.

You can read about the details of what we have planned in the future on our website or on social media:


We look forward to sharing everything with you soon.

And finally, we would like to say thank you to all the organizations that have supported us in various ways over the years.

The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Swedish Arts Council, City of Stockholm, Region of Stockholm, Nordic Culture Point, Kulturbryggan, The Royal Dramatic Theatre, Weld, Magasin 3, Färgfabriken, Tempo Documentary Film Festival, Västmanlands Theater, Reykjavik Arts Festival, Borgarleikhúsið, Sort/Hvid, CPH Stage

Thank you for reading, see you in our new home.

Tomas Rajnai and Jens Nielsen