Osynliga Teatern



Home, Sweet Home (O)︎
30FPS (O)︎


Lonely Hearts Club︎
I was here︎




We all start as strangers︎
Det levda baklänges︎
Det meningsfulla livet︎


Hidden Echology︎
Radio, Ballet and the transparent shadow︎
Dear Stranger︎


I shall not be entirely forgotten︎

Osynliga Teatern is a performing arts company founded in 2013 by Jens Nielsen and Tomas Rajnai. Their work can be described as performance installations where they invite the audience to participate and observe. They strive to create an intimacy and shared vulnerability between the work and the visitor.

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Stockholm / 2014
Tempo dokumentärfestival, Metropolis festival, Reykjavik arts festival.

Engram is an immersive audio-walk for a group of people, where everything is playing a part, from the moment the audience puts on their headphones, they become part of the play that’s surrounds them. The audience becomes both actor and spectator, they are divided into two groups and here different instructions in their headphones.

They hear memories from the past, a sound memo to someone who is still alive, a voice that is recorded days before the person died to someone who now is starting to answer to it. A narrative who changes perspective from them to you. It becomes a moment to reflect on your own life, all the things you take for granted.
What if you only had 640 breaths left?

“der en fin meditativ, sansefremmende ro over det,” Politiken

“I had a pretty amazing moment with some random, middle-aged, blue-eyed man I’ll probably never see again.” What’s On

“Osynliga Teatern gestaltar vackert den sista resan.” Sydsvenskan

Concept: Tomas Rajnai & Jens Nielsen
Voices: Katarina Ewerlöf, Björn Andersson, Lisa Holmqvist, Jo Rideout, Stefan Marling & Joanna Dahlgren
Nordic partners: Third Ear & Innra Eyrad
Supported by: Stockholms stad, Kulturrådet, Konstnärsnämnden & Nordisk kulturfond