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Home, Sweet Home (O)︎
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Lonely Hearts Club︎
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We all start as strangers︎
Det levda baklänges︎
Det meningsfulla livet︎


Hidden Echology︎
Radio, Ballet and the transparent shadow︎
Dear Stranger︎


I shall not be entirely forgotten︎

Osynliga Teatern is a performing arts company founded in 2013 by Jens Nielsen and Tomas Rajnai. Their work can be described as performance installations where they invite the audience to participate and observe. They strive to create an intimacy and shared vulnerability between the work and the visitor.

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Stockholm, Gothenburg / 2018
Osynliga Teatern         

The End, a performance about the confrontation between life and death. In this documentary performance  we investigate the final stages of life. At a secret location, you will, together with a small group get acquainted with a near-portrayed collage of documentary voices about their work and relationship with death.

The nurse who takes care of her patients on average eight days before they die. The engineer who burns 22 bodies a day. The Opera Singer who only sings at funerals. The senior citizen who secretly have a death clinic and carries out euthanasia. The woman who have found the key to resurrecting her deceased husband. These are the actual sections about the fascination of life's mortality and an invitation to visit places that a common living person usually does not have access to.

During the evening you will be guided through situations where you will be given the opportunity to handle the silence, the separation and the need for comfort that occurs in these rooms. You meet other people during one evening and what brings you together is the thought of what happens to us when we die.

“Slutet på "Slutet" ska inte avslöjas, det är vackert och förklarat. När vi kliver ut i sommarkvällen är det som att födas igen. Med alla sinnen på spänn och med en insikt om att ta tillvara ljuset, värmen och dagarna som är kvar.” Lars Ring, SVD (read)

“ Jag ställer ner urnan jag burit med mig genom föreställningen, fingrar i jorden, och hör att det snyftas runtomkring mig. Vi blir omsvepta av filtar och av den varma känslan denna väl genomtänka och fint genomförda ceremoni ger oss. En stillsam förberedelse på det vi alla har att vänta.”
Cecilia Djurberg, Aftonbladet (read)

Concept: Tomas Rajnai & Jens Nielsen
Set-design: Annika Tosti
Light-design: Anton Andersson
Actors Stockholm: Camilla Eriksson, Emelie Wahlman, Klas Lagerlund & Britt Nilsson
Actors Folkteatern Göteborg: Camilla Eriksson, Emelie Wahlman, Lisen Ellard & Anna Thunström.
Production assistent: Klara Nordqvist
Producer: Emelie Bergbohm - Bohm Bohm Room
Photographer: Milja Rossi & Néha Hirve
Graphic Design: Leon&Chris

With support from the Swedish Arts Council, Kulturrådet, Stockholms Läns landsting and Stockholms stad.