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Vi berättar dokumentära historier, ibland på scen, ibland i det offentliga rummet, vi gör även podcasts, audiowalks och audioguider. Vi skapar ljudlandskap och rumsligt ljud. Vi håller workshops och kurser. Vi tror att berättelser kan förändra världen.

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Stockholm / 2014
Tempo dokumentärfestival, Moment Teater, Fria Teatern.

The piece is constructed as an experiment for the participants to take part in. They hear a scientist who tells them about mysterious signals from space that right now hits the town square where they are. The scientist explains that they are carrying a signal receiver and asks them to help him collect the signals by moving in different ways. The participants will receive instructions on how to move around the site and together their movements forms a choreography between fountains, park benches, shop windows and passers-by.

Torget is an interactive audio walk that gives life to the town square who is often empty. In the piece we let a group of children take over their local square for a while and give them a listening experience that they helped create. We asked us if the town square is that thriving and lively place they once were built to be, and are children using these squares and in what way?

Concept: Tomas Rajnai, Jens Nielsen & Laura Wihlborg
Voices: Alice Dufva & Jens Nielsen
Supported by: Stockholms stad